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How can I become a TEDx Speaker?

Our application cycle typically begins every year in August when we open up our initial online application. Within a few weeks, we select around 30 applicants to move onto the interview phase. Finally, we select 6-10 candidates to speak at our TEDxNCState conference.

Where can I apply to speak?

Once our application goes live, it will be posted to the main page of our website. If you follow us on Instagram @tedxncstate, you can also find a link to the appliation there.

I missed the application deadline---can I still pitch my Talk?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of application submissions we receive, we cannot accept late submissions. Additionally, we ask that you also refrain from emailing us your Talk idea outside of the application cycle.

Of course, if you do miss the application deadline, you are always more than welcome to reapply next year.

My Talk idea was rejected---can I reapply?

While we do not bar anyone from applying to give a Talk, we do want to preface by saying that it is unlikely that we would accept an idea we already decided not to select. 

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